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Our law firm has been practising in the area divorce law and family law for nearly a decade providing customized legal counselling to our clients. Our Divorce Lawyers and Family Lawyers in Montreal allocate high preference to legal options having the least financial impact on our clients but providing them with the best possible outcome.

A competent Divorce Lawyer and Family Lawyer can and should fully recognize that a divorce, separation or any other form of family dispute can have a significant impact on both your psychological and financial health.  Our Divorce Lawyers and Family Lawyers’ objective is to act as your partners and guide you through the legal system with the least financial and emotional hardship.

Our Divorce Lawyers and Family Lawyers have the interpersonal and legal knowledge to take on the challenge head on in all matters of divorce law and family law.

The law stipulates that a father and a mother, or two persons, who have a child with one another are legally responsible towards that child for its emotional and financial needs.  This obligation will survive whether or not the parents remain in a relationship with one another or not.  This is exactly why you will need, at some point in time, the guidance of a Child Custody Lawyer and Child Support Lawyer to assist you.

A well experienced Child Custody Lawyer and Child Support Lawyer can quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your file and provide efficient and practical legal counselling to his or her clients. This is exactly our approach.  At our first meeting with you, we will immediately strive to establish a legal strategy and framework to maximize your chances of attaining your wishes.

Our Child Custody Lawyer and Child Support Lawyer will vigorously represent in and out of Court. We constantly look for our clients to put us up to the challenge..

montreal lawyer
montreal lawyer

More and more couples chose to live with one another as common law partners rather than to officially get married.  Furthermore, the statistics show that nearly half of the couples that marry end up getting a divorce.

On the other hand, although the parties chose not to get married, the separation of the common law partners may not be as smooth as one might think if the parties did not plan ahead.  The parties may still end up in Court for various reasons, particularly when one spouse has contributed towards to payment of an asset belonging to the other or in regards to the custody of a minor child and child support.

Our Family Law Lawyers can advise you right from the beginning of your relationship, to help you draft and sign a cohabitation agreement, all the way to representing you in Court following your separation, for claims such as unjustified enrichment or other.

Take advantage of our knowledge, skills and expertise in your legal journey. Our Family Law Lawyers are devoted to your cause and strive to find the legal solutions to suit your needs. We want to help you, we are ready!!

Here are some types of services that we proudly offer our clients in the areas of divorce law and family law, just to name a few:

  • Divorce applications: for those who wish to terminate their marriage with their spouse;
  • Separation as to bed and board applications: should you wish to partition your assets with your spouse, have no obligation to cohabitate with your spouse but maintain the legal marital link;
  • Nullity of marriage applications: if you feel that your consent to marry was vitiated due to a misrepresentation made by your spouse at the moment of the marriage;
  • Joint divorce applications: if you and your spouse have reached an agreement among yourselves as to the consequences of your divorce and wish to file one divorce application together;
  • Partition of family patrimony: the partition of the assets under the family patrimony is mandatory by law regardless of who may be the title holder or property owner;
  • Partition of matrimonial regime: different types of matrimonial regimes may be applicable to the parties whereby the default regime is that of the Partnership of Acquests, generally, the assets accumulated during marriage by the spouses will be shared equally with the exceptions provided by law;
  • Amicable agreements and settlements out of Court: for those who may have filed separate legal proceedings but wish to reach a final agreement and avoid the uncertainties of a trial before a judge;
  • Compensatory Allowances claims: for those who seek compensation for any contributions made to the family or a family business and for which they are not getting a fair partition;
montreal lawyer
montreal lawyer

Here are some types of services that we proudly offer our clients in the areas of Child Custody Law and Child Support, just to name a few:

  • Full custody: for a parent who intends on asking the full custody of the child as he or she believes that it would be in the best interest of the minor child;
  • Access rights: for a parent who wishes to establish access rights to see his or her minor child when prevented by the other parent;
  • Travel authorizations: for all parents who intend on leaving the country and wish to have a signed document by the other party authorizing the travel or the other parent wishes to travel and you oppose such a decision;
  • Visitation rights for grand-parents: for grand-parents who intend on legally asking for visitation rights to their grand-children;
  • Recognition of filiation: this is for a person who wishes to establish his or her filiation with a minor child or to contest his or her filiation, DNA testing will be considered in this action;
  • Child support: for those who wish to legally establish the child support and receive it on a monthly basis;
  • Child support for dependent adults: if you have a child who has become an adult but is still dependant, in school on a full-time basis for instance, and you wish to seek child support;
  • Special expenses: parents may claim special expenses for their children, such as for their health, education or sport activities, namely, dental expenses, orthodontics, eye glasses, tuition, books, tutoring, sport activities or other.


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