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Best Commercial Real Estate Law Firm

Are you looking for the best commercial real estate law firm?

You are engaged in a real estate transaction and need legal advice or a lawyer to handle it for you?

Perhaps you already own a real estate property and are looking to get some legal consultation or representation with respect to a specific situation you are facing or a dispute.

Look no further…

You are at the right place!

Our law firm provides commercial real estate law legal advisory, support and legal representation. We handle real estate transactions and represent any stakeholder in a given situation such as a real estate developer, buyer, seller, tenant, landlord, property owner or manager. We are great at what we do and provide flexible fee arrangements.

This article is divided in the following sections:

  1. What does a commercial real estate transaction entail?
  2. Legal services offered by our real estate law firm
  3. Commercial real estate dispute handled by our law firm
  4. How we handle legal fees and pricing at our law firm
  5. About our commercial real estate law firm

Let’s see how we can be of service!

1- What does a commercial real estate transaction entail?

Real estate transactions can get quite complicated.

You can have many stakeholders involved in a real estate deal, real estate operation or related to a real estate property such as a:

  1. Real estate developer
  2. Real estate buyer
  3. Real estate seller
  4. Commercial real estate tenants
  5. Landlords
  6. Property owners
  7. Property managers
  8. Insurance companies
  9. Renovators
  10. Electricians
  11. Plumbers 

The list can go on!

Getting involved in a commercial real estate transaction or owning a real estate property means that you must know your rights and obligations.

2- Legal services offered by our commercial real estate law firm

Our commercial real estate lawyers will provide you legal advice and guidance with regards to real estate transactions such as buying, selling, financing, developing, leasing and more.

Handling a real estate transaction or situation successfully will require consideration of other areas of the law such as mortgage and financing laws, tax laws, creditor and debtor laws, partnership and syndication laws, landlord and tenant law and of course commercial and transactional laws.

We are creative thinkers!

We will find the path to closing your real estate deal and getting the job done!

We are looking forward to working with you, contact us today.

3- Commercial real estate dispute handled by our law firm

A commercial real estate dispute will typically involve a landlord and a tenant relating to a commercial space.

There are numerous reasons why a commercial real estate dispute can arise. 

Some reasons are:

  1. Default by tenant from paying rent
  2. Landlord failing to maintain the leased premises as required by the commercial lease
  3. Disputes caused resulting from the actions or omissions of another tenant
  4. Damage caused to the leased property
  5. Refusal by landlord to approve a lease assignment to a potential buyer
  6. Refusal by landlord to authorize the tenant from subletting the premises
  7. Landlord wanting to repossess property

At our law firm, we handle any type of commercial real estate disputes, litigation and differences between a landlord and a tenant.

In cases of commercial real estate dispute, what’s key is to exercise sound business judgment at the same time as taking a legal step to protect and enforce your rights.

Our commercial real estate lawyers in Montreal have both the legal acumen and business savvy to give you the best possible legal advice.

Going to court immediately may not be the most optimal strategy and certainly not the cheapest one either.

Our commercial real estate lawyers will work with you to help you find the right strategy and employ clever tactics to either de-escalate a dispute, initiate a negotiation process, fire off a notice of demand or perhaps initiate legal proceedings before the courts.

Contact us now to see how we can help!

4- How we handle legal fees and pricing at our law firm

When you contact us, we will quickly assess your immediate needs and see how we can complete the legal task at hand in a way that you can see value.  

We will be very transparent with regards to our services. We will offer you a pricing proposal and legal fees in such a way that you will see value in retaining our services for your immediate needs but also coming back to our law firm for your future legal services. 

To achieve that goal, we will offer you a flexible fee arrangement structured in such a way that it will take into consideration your needs, the complexity of your case and your overall objectives. 

We want to give you top quality legal service at an affordable price. 

For commercial real estate legal services, we can structure the fee arrangement in multiple ways such as fixed-pricing, reduced hourly rate or any combination that can work for you and our law firm.

When working with you, our mission is to:

  1. deliver to you the best legal services 
  2. offer you fast, reliable and competent legal advice 
  3. offer you the most affordable price so you remain our loyal customer just like our other customers

Nothing less!!

Providing the best legal services in the market means that we have to work hard in retaining great legal talent to offer you legal services through competent and experienced lawyers and ensuring our internal processes allow for expedited and high quality processing of your request, every time, for every client. Period. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any questions on this and how we can structure our legal fees to suit you best. 

We are happy to discuss.

5- About our commercial real estate law firm 

Our law firm is located in the City of Montreal. We offer legal services to anyone in the need of legal advice relating to commercial real estate transactions, closing commercial real estate deals and legal advice on rights and obligations related to a commercial real estate and commercial real estate dispute.

We have been proudly providing legal services to our clients since 2008 and are continuing strong.

We support our clients through thick and thin. We will get into the trenches with you!

We will be delighted to work with you, looking forward to it!

In the meantime, we wish you best of luck and lots of success.

AK-LAW Montreal Law Firm


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