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Our Montreal business lawyer’s value proposition

Are you looking for a business lawyer in Montreal?

Not just any lawyer but a lawyer you can partner with but one that will give you awesome legal support no matter what? 

We’re not talking about the mainstream business lawyer’s spiel about how they will save you from the end of the world.

We are talking about the real deal business lawyer who will get into the trenches with you.

What is our business lawyer’s value proposition?

If that’s what you are looking for, we invite you to keep reading… 

In this article, we will give you some reasons why we are not your typical business lawyer. 

We will go over:

  1. Who can benefit from our services?
  2. What services do we offer?
  3. What type of dispute resolution services do we offer?
  4. How do we handle pricing and legal fees?
  5. Our core guiding principles
  6. Conclusion

Let’s get right into it!

1- Who can benefit from our services?

Business lawyer value proposition

Anyone involved in a business, dealing with a business, owner of a business, operator of a business, self-employed, founder, administrator, officer, manager, stakeholder, government, multinational, international organization, may need the services of an experienced business lawyer at some point in time. 

Ok, everyone needs a business lawyer!! 

To succeed in your business, there is no doubt that you need to have a solid and experienced business lawyer in your team.

Let us ask you a question.

Would you start a technology company and sell software products without having a software developer working for you or hired externally? 

Would you start an e-commerce business without having someone drive your online sales funnel and shopping platform to maximize online sales?

Same goes with a business lawyer.

Why sign legal documents, make strategic decisions internally and externally to your company, penetrate new markets, protect your assets and brand and so on without a business lawyer?

To scale and grow, you need to have the right legal team in place.

At our law firm, we are there to be part of your team. 

We support all types of businesses operating in Quebec exposed to business laws in Quebec or Canadian federal laws, such as:

  1. Start-ups
  2. Growing businesses
  3. Mature businesses
  4. National businesses
  5. International businesses

Whether you need legal advice for a very specific issue or need a lawyer sitting on the bench ready to take your calls and inquiries, we are there to support you.

2- What services do we offer?

Business lawyer value proposition

As business lawyers, we practice an absolutely amazing and wonderful area of the law. No wait, we really mean it!!

Business law is both a vast and challenging field of law that requires many skills to be successful as a lawyer.

Not anyone can be a great singer, dancer or athlete, not anyone may be an outstanding business lawyer. 

There are many business lawyers out there but not all of them know business. 

You need to work with a lawyer who stands out, understands your business and really understands the law.

Our business lawyers in Montreal offer business law legal advice taking into consideration your business realities. We don’t work in a vacuum based on some legal theory that is written in textbooks. We give you real-life business advice.

We offer the following business law services:

  1. Financing transactions
  2. Company incorporation
  3. Drafting of commercial contracts
  4. Contract review and negotiations
  5. Share purchase agreements
  6. Asset purchase agreements
  7. Due diligence
  8. Acquisition strategies
  9. Corporate record maintenance
  10. Commercial contracts
  11. Compliance requirements
  12. Business contracts
  13. Partnerships
  14. Joint ventures
  15. Shareholder agreements

As you can see, we cover a vast spectrum of legal services in the business law segment.

We are here to support you. Our experience, background, knowledge of real business and law will make us great allies for a mutual collaboration.

3- What type of dispute resolution services do we offer?

Business lawyer value proposition

Running a business means that you will deal with a stream of different events and realities.

Some businesses have a clear and strategic dispute resolution mechanism where they may engage in litigation strategically to turn their legal operations into a profit center.

Some other businesses such as start-ups and growing businesses may not have a litigation strategy and frankly do not want to deal with one either. A single litigious event or dispute can drastically impact their business.

To operate successfully in the business world, you need to deal with disputes, dispute resolution, triggering a legal event like a notice of demand or lawsuit, dealing with legal challenges or challenging others legally. 

This is part of the game.

Our best business lawyers are there to play the game with you. 

Consider our Montreal business attorneys to be your all-star goalie in a hockey game stopping the barrage of slap shots and attacks on your team. We can also be your wing-man to set you up with the perfect pass for the perfect goal! This is a great metaphor (we love hockey by the way) but you see what we mean. 

To give you an idea of what we do, please consider the below list, non-exhaustive one of course. This list gives you a good idea of the of the dispute resolution or litigation services that we offer:

  1. Contractual breach
  2. Default payment
  3. Collection strategies 
  4. Notice of claim
  5. Negligence
  6. Gross negligence
  7. Wilful misconduct
  8. Arbitration 
  9. Court dispute
  10. Litigation 
  11. Court representation 

Let’s work hand in hand to deal with your business challenges, unwanted or strategic. We’ll think through the whole process with you, explain to you the pros and cons and make the best business and legal decision possible.

Let’s do this.

4- How do we handle pricing and legal fees?

Business lawyer value proposition

Our mission is simple: deliver the greatest value to our customers, offer the greatest legal services in the market for businesses to thrive and beat the competition!! Nothing less.

Delivering the greatest value to our customers means that we will leverage technological means and processes to minimize operational costs and overhead. We are happy to pass on a significant part of our cost savings to you.

Providing the best legal services in the market means retaining great talent, providing you legal services through competent and experienced business lawyers, ensuring that internal processes are in line with our mission to provide high quality legal services, every time, to every client. Period. 

Beating the competition is fun and we are not saying this to brag or say that other firms are of little value. To the contrary.

We know that our competitors are also engaged in a fierce battle to deliver more value to their customers. 

In the end, we compete among ourselves and you will be the ultimate winner! Not too bad…

Beating the competition means that we will strive to be better at what we do. Offer greater legal services, optimize processes even more, provide even better legal fee arrangements, innovate, be engaged in the community, help those in need, do more, be more.

Being fiercely competitive is healthy for business and we thrive on that. 

If you are running a business of your own, you know that the day you stop competing, you basically stop being a successful business.

With this being said, one area where we can make a difference for you is in your legal fees.

When you engage with us for the first time, we will quickly assess your immediate needs and see how we can complete the task at hand in a way that you see great legal value. We want our services to be affordable.

We have flexible fee arrangements to craft a structure mutually satisfactory so you are happy with the arrangement and we are happy as we can profitably run our business. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any questions on this and how we can structure your legal fees. We are happy to discuss.

5- Our core guiding principles

Business lawyer value proposition

Our law firm operates on five core guiding principles: quality, creativity, integrity, ethics and respect.

In everything we do, in whatever services we engage in, in whatever activities we participate in, events we attend, talks we give, meetings we have, emails we write, in everything we do, we observe our guiding principles.


This is pretty clear and simple.

If our law firm is unable to deliver the highest level of quality legal services, then we will not offer it.

The quality of our services is distinctive. Our obsessive desire to be better every day and to make things better every time stems from our passion of law. We love it. We crave more of it.

We do not compromise on quality. Never.

We are relentless to be better. Always.

We are passionate about our profession. Forever.


This is where things get interesting.

You can have a lawyer able to recite all the articles of the Civil Code or cite the case laws by heart. That’s admirable.

On the other hand, if your lawyer is unable to apply the legal theories and statues to the actual and real business realities that you are living, we argue that you do not have a great lawyer before you. We have to admit, we are harsh in our views, but that’s a fact. 

A great lawyer, an outstanding lawyer, a lawyer that you can partner with in your business is a lawyer who masters the laws, statutes and case laws but can help you make strategic business decisions based upon your immediate realities and your mid-term to long-term objectives.

Business sense and sound judgment is not taught in textbooks or written in the article of the law. It is a personal characteristic of the great business lawyer. 

Creativity is to use original and clever ways in dealing with a legal matter or action with potential legal consequences.

Yes, with our creativity, we beat the competition. 


Transparency and openness is crucial to build a solid and long-lasting relationship.

Imagine dealing with a law firm as if you were going on a date. What do you expect on the first date? What do you expect going forward? When we engage with anyone, even in our personal lives, we immediately gage how much we think we can trust them. This is even part of our genetic makeup. Don’t get us to start discussing the theory of evolution here…

When we are unable to trust someone, we will not have a successful and healthy relationship with them in the short-term, let alone the long-term.

This is exactly the case when dealing with a law firm.

You expect to deal with lawyers you can trust. No hidden agenda. No ulterior plans. No other objective than your best interest. 

This is how we roll.


Our ethical guiding principle is something that you can expect in all our dealings.

Acting ethically, serving you ethically, dealing with you ethically and conducting our business for you ethically is instrumental for all of us here. 

Our ethical compass drives both our internal processes and external engagements. 

Without an ethical makeup, any business or individual may be doomed to fail.

With us, you get nothing but the highest devotion to ethical dealings and engagements. Nothing else to add.


Our final guiding principle is respect.

We adhere to this principle as we care for all our clients, we respect everyone.

It does not matter from what walks of life you are coming from, what may be your day-to-day challenges and realities, respect is what will unify us.

Respect is what will allow us to bond with you. You are the reason for our firm’s existence.

We listen, we defer, we are thoughtful, we understand, we acknowledge, we praise, we feel your joys or pains. We respect that.

We will head to the sea and sail with you and no matter what we face, we will face it together, with respect. We will succeed.

6- Conclusion

Business lawyer value proposition

We hope that you now know us a little better.

We are passionate business lawyers proudly operating our firm since 2008 and going strong.

We also hope that you will reach out to us to start a new journey, to find a new partner, to get results.

Our business lawyers are on standby and ready to serve you.

You know how to reach us!

Best of luck.

AK-LAW Montreal Law Firm


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