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Business Registration Quebec (What It Is And How It Works: Overview)

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What Is Business Registration Quebec 

Business registration is the process of registering a legal entity or trade name in the Quebec business registry.

All companies looking to conduct business in the province of Quebec must register their corporations or legal entities with the Quebec business registrar called the “Registraire des enterprises du Québec”.

Many refer to the Quebec business registry as REQ.

For example, a corporation constituted under Quebec laws will be registered with the REQ upon its formation.

Companies incorporated outside of Quebec, such as other provincial companies or foreign companies, will also need to register their company with the Registraire des entreprises to lawfully conduct business in the Quebec territory.

Who Must Do A Business Registration Quebec

Many entrepreneurs wonder how to start a business or embark on a new business venture.

One of the first things to think about if you are looking to operate a business in Quebec is to register your business with the Quebec authorities.

Once a legal entity is duly registered in the province of Quebec, it will be authorized to transact business in Quebec and deal with Quebec consumers and clients.

Most businesses will need to register their business.

Once exception to the rule is a sole proprietor who conducts business under his or her personal legal name.

Anyone looking to run a business using a business name or trade name must register with the REQ.

Here is a list of business that must register in Quebec:

  • Sole proprietorship doing business under a name different than his or her personal name
  • Individuals running a tobacco retail outlet or tanning salon
  • General partnerships (GP)
  • Limited partnerships (LP)
  • Foreign partnerships (formed outside of Quebec)
  • Legal entities constituted for private interests 
  • Legal entities incorporated outside of Quebec 
  • Legal entities resulting from mergers
  • Trusts operating a commercial enterprise 
  • Union of persons bound by insurance contracts 
  • Joint ventures (undeclared partnerships)
  • Non-profit legal persons 
  • Syndicate of co-ownerships 
  • Associations 
  • Cooperatives 

Enterprises can conduct business using different types of legal forms and entities.

No matter what type of legal form your business operation adopts, you must ensure that you comply with the Quebec laws relating to the registration of your business entity.

Information Disclosed To The Quebec Registry (REQ)

What information will a business entity need to disclose to the REQ?

To answer this question, let’s first discuss the purpose of Quebec registration.

The main objective is to ensure that the Quebec consumers and population have a way to validate who they are dealing with.

By having companies registered with the Registraire des entreprises, the public will get a higher level of protection by knowing that a business or corporation they are about to deal with is legitimate.

Here is a summary of the information that businesses and legal entities will need to disclose:

  • Name and address of the company
  • Any trade names or other names used to do business 
  • Company’s main business activities
  • Number of employees in Quebec
  • Address of the company establishment 
  • Name and address of the company’s administrator of property (if any)
  • Name and address of company representative 

Anyone doing a business search on the Quebec business registry database can find information about any business registered in Quebec.

Quebec Company Registration Takeaways 

So, what should you know about the Quebec business registration?

Why do you need to do a registration of company?

Let’s look at a summary of our findings.

Enterprise Registration Quebec

  • Individuals and businesses entities doing business in Quebec will most certainly require to register their business with the Quebec Enterprise Registry
  • Registering a business in Quebec is the process of disclosing legally required information about your business to the the REQ 
  • The disclosed information will be made available to the general public so they are informed as to which business entity is authorized to transact business in Quebec
  • Corporations, partnerships, trusts, foreign entities who do business in Quebec, own assets in Quebec, or have establishments in Quebec should be registered to comply with Quebec laws
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