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Top Civil Lawyer in Montreal (Top Rated)

Looking for a civil lawyer in Montreal?

Did you enter into a contract and due to a contractual breach, an act of negligence or willful misconduct of another, you have suffered damages?

Perhaps someone has caused damages to your property and you want to seek justice without having any contractual dealings with them?

Need a lawyer?

you are at the right place…

Our Montreal civil lawyers will get the job done for you! 

Civil laws govern the relationship between individuals and businesses in their private transactions, contractual dealings or non-contractual (extracontractual) dealings and define each party’s rights and obligations. In the Province of Quebec, private dealings are managed by the Quebec’s civil law system and regulated primarily by the Civil Code of Quebec.

In this article, we will look at:

  1. Legal Services: Civil Lawyer Montreal
  2. Who can benefit from our civil law legal services?
  3. Our civil lawyer’s value proposition
  4. How do we handle pricing and legal fees?
  5. About our civil law firm in Montreal

Let’s see why we should be mandated to act as your lawyers…

1- Legal Services: Civil Lawyer Montreal

Civil Lawyer Montreal

Our lawyers offer civil law legal services to individuals and businesses located in or dealing in the Province of Quebec. You could be a resident of Quebec or a foreign person or entity dealing with someone or entity in Quebec.

Our civil lawyer has the knowledge and expertise to quickly assess your legal case and recommend a solution or path forward. 

We will do everything in our capacity to help you. We mean it…

We love what we do and we excel in the civil law space and we are confident we can help you.

We are not going to talk like other law firms or lawyers promising you the world including the kitchen sink. Let’s talk in practical terms.

Our commitment to you is that we will defend your rights with passion, vigor and not let go until we get you the best results possible. We are relentless in what we do and we fight hard.

Our Montreal civil attorney can serve you with respect to:

  1. Contract execution in kind
  2. Contractual breach causing damages
  3. Non-execution of contracts
  4. Acts or omissions causing damage
  5. Willful misconduct
  6. Force majeure cases
  7. Insurance claims for damages
  8. Interruption of business
  9. Reckless acts
  10. Damage to property
  11. Civil liability 
  12. Faulty professional services
  13. Professional negligence 
  14. Disparagement 

And more…

Let’s work something out, we want you to get us on-board!!

Contact us now to discuss.

2- Who can benefit from our civil law legal services?

Civil Lawyer Montreal

If you are a business headquartered in the Province of Quebec, have a business establishment or you are a foreign business dealing in the Province of Quebec, the Quebec civil laws will apply to you and we are here to help!

We also serve individuals who either are residents of Quebec or have transacted in the Province of Quebec or with someone in the Province of Quebec.

No matter your civil law issue, our law firm can offer you competent and knowledgeable legal advice at an affordable rate.

3- Our Montreal civil lawyer’s value proposition

Civil Lawyer Montreal

Our civil lawyer in Montreal will offer you high quality legal services at an affordable price. Period.

Why work with our lawyers as opposed to the lawyers of another law office? 

It’s simple: civil law is not just theories and concepts, you need a good lawyer who can give you practical and real life advice. 

You can probably read the Civil Code of Quebec by yourself or read any applicable law related to your particular legal issue. 

The real question that you should ask is whether you can find the right legal theories and translate them into legal process documents, gather the right evidence and provide the court with the perfect pleading, all based on the Court rules of procedure, convincing the judge that you should prevail. 

If you can achieve that, then that’s a great accomplishment and we highly admire that. However, most people are not able to act like a professional lawyer without the years of education, experience and hard work to learn on the job.

It’s like saying I can drive, therefore, I can participate in a Formula 1 race. There is driving and there is professional driving. There is presenting a legal case and professionally presenting a legal case.

Our civil lawyer’s value proposition to you is that we will professionally present your case!

Our civil law lawyers in Montreal know the law and the intricacies of the Court, better than others. 

Working with our Montreal lawyers will bring you value over and above the actual legal services.

Our goal is to ensure that you get compensated for your damages or injuries you suffered.

We want to be clear: we want your business, we are hungry for it.

We will let our legal services do the talk, get us on board so you test it for yourself.

4- How do we handle pricing and legal fees?

Civil Lawyer Montreal

When you will contact us, we will quickly assess your immediate needs and see how we can complete the legal task at hand in a way that you can see value.  

We will be very transparent with you, we want you to work with us and come back to our law firm for your future needs. 

To achieve that goal, we will offer you a flexible fee arrangement structured in such a way that it will take into consideration your needs, the complexity of your case and our goal to work with you long term. We want our legal services to be of top quality and affordable. 

When working with you, our mission is to:

  1. deliver to you the best legal services 
  2. offer you fast, reliable and competent legal advice 
  3. offer you the most affordable price so you remain our loyal customer just like our other customers

Nothing less!!

Providing the best legal services in the market means that we have to work hard in retaining great legal talent, offer you legal services through competent and experienced civil lawyers and ensuring our internal processes allow for expedited and high quality processing of your request, every time, for every client. Period. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any questions on this and how we can structure our legal fees to suit you best. We are happy to discuss.

5- About our civil law firm in Montreal

Civil Lawyer Montreal

Our law firm is located in the City of Montreal. We offer legal services to anyone in the need of legal advice relating to Civil Law and damages caused resulting from a contractual or non-contractual event.

We have been proudly providing legal services to our clients since 2008 and are continuing strong.

We support our clients through thick and thin. We will get into the trenches with you!

We will be delighted to work with you, looking forward to it!

In the meantime, we wish you best of luck and lots of success.

AK-LAW Montreal Law Firm


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