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Best Commercial Lease Lawyer In Montreal (Top Rated)

You are a commercial property owner and looking for the best commercial lease lawyer in Montreal?

Perhaps you are a commercial tenant trying to understand your rights related to your commercial lease?

No matter the reason you are looking for a Montreal commercial lease attorney, we are the right law firm for you!!

Our commercial lease lawyers in Montreal offer fast and reliable legal services to landlords and commercial tenants with respect to their commercial lease agreements, rights and obligations related to the leased premises, landlord and tenant negotiations, conflict resolution and management, commercial lease disputes and litigation in the Province of Quebec.

Here is the outline of the services we offer and our pricing:

  1. Montreal commercial lease lawyer for landlords and property owners
  2. Commercial lease lawyers in Montreal for tenants
  3. Who can benefit from our commercial lease attorneys in Montreal?
  4. Our law firm’s value proposition regarding commercial lease agreements
  5. How do we handle commercial lease pricing and legal fees?
  6. About our commercial lease law firm

1- Montreal commercial lease lawyer for landlords and property owners

Commercial lease lawyer Montreal

A commercial lease lawyer is an important ally to landlords and property owners who have leased their property to a commercial tenant and may have concluded a commercial lease agreement.

Our Montreal commercial lease lawyers are highly experienced in real estate law and real estate transactions involving a commercial lease whether for an office space, an industrial space, a manufacturing plan, a warehouse, a production plan, a factory or any other real estate property used for a commercial purpose.

Our commercial lease lawyers in Montreal offer the following legal services to landlords and property owners:

  1. Unpaid rent by commercial tenant
  2. Conflict between commercial tenant and third party
  3. Damages caused by commercial tenant to leased premises
  4. Commercial lease rights of landlords
  5. Commercial lease obligations of landlords
  6. Abandonment of leased premises by commercial tenant
  7. Legal hypothecs on premises caused by tenant
  8. Lease registration and publicationà
  9. Transfer of lease of commercial tenant
  10. Assignment of lease of commercial tenant
  11. Insolvency of commercial tenant
  12. Bankruptcy of commercial tenant
  13. Contractual default by commercial tenant
  14. Legal notice to commercial tenant
  15. Failure for tenant to maintain premises

And more…

We are hungry to work for you, let’s find a way for us to get on-board!

Contact us now to discuss how we can assist you with your commercial lease agreement or situation.

2- Commercial lease lawyers in Montreal for tenants

Commercial lease lawyer Montreal

If you are entering into a commercial lease agreement with your landlord or you are already part of a commercial lease agreement, our lawyers will advise and guide you with respect to your rights and obligations.

It may not be easy all the time to find the right recourse as commercial leases are generally designed to be favorable to landlords but in any legal situation a solution can be found.

Our Montreal commercial lease lawyers offer the following services to commercial tenants:

  1. Commercial lease review and negotiations
  2. Commercial lease publication and registration
  3. Rights and obligations in a commercial lease of tenants
  4. Joint and several responsibility of tenants 
  5. Assignment of lease request to landlord
  6. Transfer of lease request to landlord
  7. Sale of business and negotiation with landlord
  8. Landlord’s failure to maintain the leased premises
  9. Landlord charging excessive fees and operating costs
  10. Misrepresentations made by landlord with regards to premises
  11. Latent defects of leased premises impacting tenants business operations
  12. Faulty ventilators, electrical systems and HVAC
  13. Commercial lease renewal
  14. Commercial lease termination for cause
  15. Legal notice to landlord
  16. Legal action before the court
  17. Execution in kind by landlord
  18. Injunctions 

Depending on the nature of the legal issue or challenge you are facing, there may be a few different legal avenues possible. We will work with you to define the best possible option to achieve the best result.

3- Who can benefit from our commercial lease attorneys in Montreal?

Commercial lease lawyer Montreal

We serve all companies, businesses and individuals, local, national or foreign, who have a business establishment or real estate property or lease in the Province of Quebec, who deal in the Province of Quebec or are governed by the laws of the Province of Quebec.

The below list are those that we can satisfactorily serve:

  1. Property owners
  2. Business owners
  3. Investors
  4. Commercial tenants
  5. Small and medium businesses
  6. Large enterprise 
  7. Self-employed individuals

4- Our law firm’s value proposition regarding commercial lease agreements

Commercial lease lawyer Montreal

Our Montreal commercial lease lawyers will offer you high quality legal services at an affordable price. Period.

Why work with our commercial lease attorneys as opposed to the lawyers of another law office? 

It’s simple: real estate laws and commercial leases are not all about legal theories and concepts, it’s about having street smarts, deploying strategic plans and being creative in setting up your commercial lease, negotiating with a tenant or a landlord and finding simple solutions to complex situations. 

Our commercial lease lawyers bring you value more than mere real estate law legal services. We work with you to understand your business, commercial lease and nature of relationship with your landlord so we can give you real practical and workable legal solutions.

Our commercial lease attorneys understand the intricate details of a commercial lease and can offer you strategies that can be employed to effectively achieve results. 

We want to be clear: we want your business badly.

We will let our legal services and results do the talking about our competence, get us on board so you see for yourself.

5- How do we handle commercial lease pricing and legal fees?

Commercial lease lawyer Montreal

When you contact us, we will quickly assess your immediate needs and see how we can complete the legal task at hand in a way that you can see value.  

We will be very transparent with regards to our services. We will offer you a pricing proposal and legal fees in such a way that you will see value in retaining our services for your immediate needs but also coming back to our law firm for your future needs. 

To achieve that goal, we will offer you a flexible fee arrangement structured in such a way that it will take into consideration your needs, the complexity of your case and your overall objectives. We want to give you top quality legal service at an affordable price. 

For commercial lease legal services, we can structure the fee arrangement in multiple ways such as fixed-pricing, reduced hourly rate or any combination that can work for you and our law firm.

When working with you, our mission is to:

  1. deliver to you the best legal services 
  2. offer you fast, reliable and competent legal advice 
  3. offer you the most affordable price so you remain our loyal customer just like our other customers

Nothing less!!

Providing the best legal services in the market means that we have to work hard in retaining great legal talent to offer you legal services through competent and experienced lawyers and ensuring our internal processes allow for expedited and high quality processing of your request, every time, for every client. Period. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any questions on this and how we can structure our legal fees to suit you best. We are happy to discuss.

6- About our commercial lease law firm 

Commercial lease lawyer Montreal

Our law firm is located in the City of Montreal. We offer legal services to anyone in the need of legal advice relating to commercial lease agreement, commercial lease dispute or commercial lease litigation.

We have been proudly providing legal services to our clients since 2008 and are continuing strong.

We support our clients through thick and thin. We will get into the trenches with you!

We will be delighted to work with you, looking forward to it!

In the meantime, we wish you best of luck and lots of success.

AK-LAW Montreal Law Firm


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