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Best Debt Collection Services (Collection Lawyer)

Are you looking for the best and most affordable debt collection service

You operate a business and you are unable to collect your account receivables and now you are considering what type of debt collection services are out there?

Perhaps someone owes you rent, has defaulted on your loan, owes you money and is neglecting to reimburse you and you are considering debt collection services.

We have good news for you. You are at the right place!

Our law firm offers debt collection services to businesses and individuals owed money by someone, business or entity having a business establishment in the Province of Quebec, resident of the Province or governed by the laws of the Province of Quebec. 

Our law firm offers debt collection services along with all required legal services for collecting your money, debt recovery, collection of unpaid fees and charges, collection of bad debt or account receivables or any other money or sums unpaid and payable to you. Unlike debt collection agencies, we can not only support you to recover your money out-of-Court but can also engage the borrower or defaulting party in Court, obtain a judgment and exercise the judgment.

In this article, we will look at:

Let’s get started…

1- Recover your debt and money quickly with us 

Debt collection services

You have tried everything in your capacity to collect and recover your money. You’ve called, you’ve emailed, you spoke to your debtor or borrower in person, and still you are unable to get paid.

You’ve exhausted all the possibilities in trying to amicably recover your money by yourself and now you are looking to engage the services of professionals who can provide you with tactical and strategic collection services. 

Our debt collection services at our law firm includes:

  1. Unpaid rent for commercial lease
  2. Unpaid fees for services
  3. Non-payment on purchase of a product
  4. Default payment on a loan
  5. Default payment on a mortgage
  6. Non-payment of renovation services
  7. Construction related claims
  8. Consumer debts
  9. Unpaid professional service fees
  10. Credit card debts
  11. Financing debt
  12. Bank debt 

And more…

We are hungry to work for you, let’s find a way for us to get on-board!

Contact us now to discuss how we can assist you in collecting money owed to you.

2- Who can benefit from our debt collection services?

Debt collection services

We serve all companies, businesses and individuals, local, national or foreign, who have a business establishment in the Province of Quebec, who deal in the Province of Quebec or are governed by the laws of the Province of Quebec.

The below list are those that we can satisfactorily serve:

  1. Financing companies
  2. Banks and financial institutions 
  3. Start-ups
  4. Small and medium businesses
  5. Large enterprise 
  6. Self-employed individuals
  7. Investors 
  8. Business owners

We offer fast, competent and reliable legal services to any person or entity looking to legally collect what’s owed to them and prevent further damages as a result of a contracting party defaulting on its payment obligations. 

3- Our law firm’s value proposition for debt recovery

Debt collection services

Our collection lawyers will offer you high quality legal services at an affordable price. Period.

Why work with our debt collection lawyers as opposed to the lawyers of another law office? 

It’s simple: collecting money for you is not all about legal theories and concepts, it’s about having street smarts, deploying strategic plans and being creative in collecting money where others are unable to do so. 

Our debt collection lawyers bring you value more than mere collection services. We work with you to understand your current challenges and advise on the legal recovery of your fees or money but also will advise you on optimizing your processes and operations to minimize default payments and bad debt in your future dealings.

Our debt collection attorneys understand the intricate Court processes and different collection strategies that can be employed to effectively achieve results. 

We want to be clear: we want your business badly.

We will let our legal services and results do the talking about our competence, get us on board so you see for yourself.

4- How do we handle debt collection pricing and legal fees?

Debt collection services

When you contact us, we will quickly assess your immediate needs and see how we can complete the legal task at hand in a way that you can see value.  

We will be very transparent with regards to our services. We will offer you a pricing proposal and legal fees in such a way that you will see value in retaining our services for your immediate needs but also coming back to our law firm for your future needs. 

To achieve that goal, we will offer you a flexible fee arrangement structured in such a way that it will take into consideration your needs, the complexity of your case and your overall objectives. We want to give you top quality legal service at an affordable price. 

For debt recovery and collection legal services, we can structure the fee arrangement in multiple ways such as contingency pricing, success fees, reduced hourly fees or any combination that can work for you and our law firm.

When working with you, our mission is to:

  1. deliver to you the best legal services 
  2. offer you fast, reliable and competent legal advice 
  3. offer you the most affordable price so you remain our loyal customer just like our other customers

Nothing less!!

Providing the best legal services in the market means that we have to work hard in retaining great legal talent to offer you legal services through competent and experienced lawyers and ensuring our internal processes allow for expedited and high quality processing of your request, every time, for every client. Period. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any questions on this and how we can structure our legal fees to suit you best. We are happy to discuss.

5- About our debt collection law firm 

Debt collection services

Our law firm is located in the City of Montreal. We offer legal services to anyone in the need of legal advice relating to debt collection Services, debt collection laws, debt recovery and collection.

We have been proudly providing legal services to our clients since 2008 and are continuing strong.

We support our clients through thick and thin. We will get into the trenches with you!

We will be delighted to work with you, looking forward to it!

In the meantime, we wish you best of luck and lots of success.

AK-LAW Montreal Law Firm


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