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Employment Lawyer Free Consultation

Employment law is both a fascinating and complex area of the law touching millions of people in our society.

We all need to earn money to pay our bills and live a meaningful life. 

Chances are that you are employed and thus subject to the terms of your employment contract and employment laws.

You need a free consultation from an employment lawyer?

The employment laws in Quebec are designed to govern the relationship between an employee and an employer and, depending on your employment situation, provide interesting legal protections.

Given today’s employment conditions, you may quickly need to consult with an employment lawyer regarding your employment issue to assess your rights and obligations.

Time may be of essence, so you need to act fast.

Our employment lawyers are ready and available to provide you quick and fast advice so to get you back on the right track.

In this article we will provide you key reasons why our law firm stands out of the pack in providing you with fast, reliable and competent consultation and legal advice related to employment law.

We will look at:

  1. Legal services offered by our employment lawyers
  2. Employment lawyer free consultation
  3. Finding the right employment lawyer 
  4. Employment lawyer Montreal
  5. About our law firm

Let’s look at this further.

1- Legal services offered by our employment lawyers

Employment lawyer free consultation

Employment lawyers must understand and navigate complex labour laws applicable in the Province of Quebec.

The legal services can be in the context of your employment contract negotiations, so prior to your hiring, legal advice during your employment and finally with regards to the termination of your employment

To give you an idea, here is a short and non-exhaustive list of what our employment lawyers can assist you with or provide you with an initial free consultation to discuss:

  1. Wrongful dismissal
  2. Unjustified termination
  3. Employment contract
  4. Restrictive covenants 
  5. Employee legal rights
  6. Employment compensation
  7. Indemnification packages
  8. Workplace policies
  9. Workplace investigations
  10. Employment equity
  11. Worker’s compensation
  12. Company reorganization
  13. Company downsizing 
  14. Mergers and acquisitions
  15. Temporary layoff
  16. Permanent layoff 
  17. Layoff packages
  18. Discrimination 
  19. Harassment 
  20. Employment disputes 

And more…

If you are involved in circumstances where you need to know your rights, we invite you to contact our employment lawyers for a free consultation

2- Employment lawyer free consultation

Employment lawyer free consultation

To get the process started, we propose that you contact us for an initial free consultation

With the initial consultation, we will ask you about your employment issue or challenge and quickly assess if you may have a recourse or remedy.

The initial consultation with our employment lawyer will also serve to give you an initial idea overview of the employment legal issue that you are dealing with. 

If more information is needed or you would like to have a full and complete consultation where we have an employment lawyer on the phone for an hour or more to discuss your concerns and provide legal advice, we can plan and coordinate that as well.

Depending on the nature and complexity of your case, we will also be in a position to provide you with further details on our law firm’s pricing and fees.

We value our clients and we understand that you may be in a tough situation.

We will discuss and work with you to find a suitable fee arrangement that takes into consideration your particular needs.

3- Finding the right employment lawyer 

Employment lawyer free consultation

A good employment lawyer or labour lawyer should be able to give you efficient and reliable legal advice, nothing less.

That’s what you should expect. Period. 

At our law firm, our experienced employment lawyers will ensure they fully understand your legal situation so as to give you the best possible advice, fast.

The right employment lawyer should also have the ability to handle all types of labour and employment related disputes.

Your case may be presented before a labour standards board, administrative court, Superior Court or other tribunals. No problem.

We will be able to support you and be ready to fire precision strikes as needed quickly and efficiently.

4- Employment lawyer Montreal

Employment lawyer free consultation

We are located in the Province of Quebec, in the City of Montreal.

Our lawyers are on standby to represent companies and individuals in need of legal services in the Greater Montreal area and in the City of Montreal.

We serve foreign companies with employees, consultants or workforce in the Province of Quebec. 

Reach out to our employment lawyers, we got this.

We also represent Quebec residents, whether Canadian citizens, permanent residents or expatriates working in the Province of Quebec for any employment or labour related challenges.

5- About our law firm

Employment lawyer free consultation

AK-LAW is a civil and employment law firm located in the City of Montreal proudly serving individuals and businesses since 2008.

We offer quality legal services and work with our clients to build long-lasting and a strong relationship.

Unlike other law firms handling legal matters based on profitability or only handling cases with a high chance of success. We don’t think this way.

We understand that life is not perfect. There are no perfect legal cases either.

Our hallmark is that we find creative ways to make any case as perfect as it can be to succeed.

No matter your situation, we will work with you to find a suitable arrangement. 

In the end, our objective is simple: give you awesome legal advice and the most affordable price. We give you an affordable employment lawyer!

We are happy to discuss your case further.

Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Best of luck.



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