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Franchising Lawyer

You are considering the purchase a franchised business?

Perhaps you already operate a franchised business and you are looking for a franchising lawyer?

You may be a franchisor searching for a franchising lawyer who will support you in your franchise dealings.

You are at the right place.

At our law firm, we provide legal services to franchisors and franchisee’s operating or established in the Province of Quebec. We offer you practical advice and commercially sound legal services to help you navigate the complexities of a franchised business.

Franchise business in Quebec

Franchising is a great business model albeit a complex one.

A franchise agreement will typically provide in extensive detail the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee relating to things like:

  1. terms and conditions applicable to the sale of product or services
  2. protection of franchisor’s trademarks
  3. establishment of business logistics and management
  4. operational standards
  5. franchisor’s corporate policies
  6. franchisee rights and obligations
  7. franchise fees
  8. royalties

And more…

Franchise laws in Quebec and Canada

Franchising is regulated by Canadian laws and local provincial laws.

In Quebec, does not currently have a specific law related to franchising although some other provinces have adopted specific provincial franchising laws.

Ontario, Alberta, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Manitoba have in fact specific local laws that will apply each with their own nuances and characteristics.

One thing is for sure, the franchise laws combined with the highly complex franchise contracts makes it nearly inevitable for you to deal with a franchise lawyer who grasps and understands the fundamentals of franchising to guide you in the right direction.

Our franchise lawyers are on standby to support you, reach out to us now!

Our franchising lawyers offer awesome legal services

When looking to work with a lawyer, you should not just work with any lawyer.

Work with the best franchising lawyer in town! Period.

At our law firm, we offer legal services of the highest quality through our rigorous internal policies and procedures.

Our experienced franchising lawyers will deliver you results, at an affordable price.

We help individuals and businesses comply with the legal requirements applicable in the Province of Quebec in all areas of franchise law such as:

To put all the changes on your side and succeed in your franchising structure, contact our franchising lawyer so we can work with you collaboratively in structuring and organizing your business, manage your legal compliance needs like the consumer protection legislation and others. We will focus on your franchise legal aspect while you can focus on scaling your business.

AK-LAW is a business and civil law firm located in Montreal founded in 2008 and serving local and international clients with their business needs. Our lawyers are competent and have a unique business judgment allowing them to marry legal concepts with real and practical business realities.

For any legal services related to franchising, franchise law and franchise businesses, we are here to serve you. Reach out to us now.

We are your affordable franchise lawyers

Our law firm is eager to support you with respect to your franchised business!

Don’t hesitate to contact our franchising lawyer now for a consultation and an assessment of your needs. We will be delighted to add you as a valued customer of ours.

We have been providing legal services to individuals and businesses operating a franchised business and exposed to the laws of the Province of Quebec and Canadian laws related to franchising and franchise laws.

Our employment lawyers are on standby. We love what we do and when we make you and our customers happy, we enjoy it even more.

Hoping that after you read these words, we can engage with you in person.

Best of luck.



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