Our Practice Areas

We double-down on what we know best and that drives value to you!

Startup Law

Let's define your company structure, set up your company, protect you from liability, set up contracts for you and your stakeholders, and help you scale your business

Contract Law

Let's work on your commercial contracts, contracts with your suppliers, vendors, employees, partners, and investors to build a solid legal foundation for your business

Intellectual Property

Let's help you protect your trade secret, know-how, and intellectual property so you can do business and capitalize on your intellectual property assets

Technology Law

Let's make sure that you license your software products to end users, let your clients use your technology within a proper legal framework so you can earn long-term profits

Boutique Law Firm

We are proud to accompany businesses in their ever-changing journey, strategic planning, and execution. We understand your realities and give you advice that matters.

Incorporation And Corporate Law

Having the right company setup is key to your long-term success, growth, and ease of management. Our law firm is here to advise you on the best setup for your business.

Financing And M&A

Whether you are a startup, growing company, or in a mature business, financing your business or yourM&A activities are crucial for your company to remain competitive. Work with us so we help you with your capital raising needs.

Commercial Law And Contracts

You're in business to do business with your clients, partners, suppliers, vendors, and many other stakeholders. The right contractual setup and protection is key to your company's overall success. Get in touch with us so we put our expertise to work for you!

Data Protection And Privacy Law

Many businesses now have an online presence and collect various types of data. There are privacy laws in Canada, United States, and Europe that are designed to provide privacy and protection to individual personal data. Let us prepare your privacy policy and review your company's data collection, privacy, and protection practices.

Employment Law

Your business needs employees and contractors to succeed. Your human resources represents a crucial component of your company's competitive advantage. Let's work together to set up your employment contracts, stock options, contractor agreements, so you can attract and retain your talent.

Our Approach

Our approach is to constantly challenge conventional thinking and relentlessly push for better and more efficient ways to serve entrepreneurs, company founders, business owners, company executives, board members, and anyone invovled in business! Let's put our skills together to achieve a synergistic outcome!