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REQ Quebec (What It Is And Why Register A Company In Quebec)

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REQ Quebec Overview

REQ is the acronym used to refer to the “Registraire des entreprises du Québec”.

The Registraire des entreprises du Québec is the company registry in the province of Quebec handling all aspects of company registration, formation, and corporate entity compliance.

Companies doing business in Quebec are required to register with the REQ who will then make the company’s information publicly available.

As such, Quebec residents can quickly lookup a company or business entity to ensure that they are doing business with a legitimate company.

Why Register An Enterprise In Quebec

The objective of registering a company with REQ Quebec is to allow the Quebec authorities collect information about all companies and legal entities doing business in Quebec and dealing with Quebec residents.

In addition, it allows Quebec residents to perform an enterprise search and lookup companies that are duly registered to do business in Quebec and find out basic information about the business entity.

For example, if you wish to obtain a loan from a bank in Quebec, the bank will perform a company search on the Quebec REQ to ensure that your company is duly registered and can do business in Quebec.

Typically, a company registered in Quebec will be issued a unique reference number called “Numéro d’entreprise du Québec” or NEQ.

Consider the NEQ to be the equivalent of an individual’s social insurance number but for companies in Quebec.

Who Must Register With The Quebec Enterprise Registry

According to Quebec laws, most businesses having a business operation in Quebec, a domicile or owning assets in Quebec may need to register with the Quebec Enterprise Registry.

Individuals operating as sole proprietors and doing business under a trade name must be registered with the Enterprise Registry in Quebec.

In addition, legal entities such as corporations, trusts, partnerships, non-profit businesses, cooperatives, foreign corporations, federal or provincial corporations constituted under the laws of another province in Canada must also register in Quebec when doing business.

Information Required By Québec REQ

When registering a company before the Québec REQ, companies and businesses are mandatorily required to share certain information.

Here is a list of information that the Registraire des entreprises in Quebec requires that company provide:

  • The name and address of the person or company applying 
  • The name of the individual (natural person) or company 
  • Other trade names used by an individual or company doing business in Quebec
  • The address of the natural person’s home or company headquarters 
  • The address of the person mandated to receive the documents of the natural person
  • Identification of the two main areas of business activity 
  • The number of employees located in Quebec
  • Identification of any business establishments in Quebec
  • Name and address of the administrator of the property of others (if applicable)

REQ Annual Declaration And Registration Fees

Once a company is registered, it must then make sure that it remains in good standing.

In other words, it must file annual declarations and pay the required annual fees to keep the company duly registered in Quebec.

Typically, the annual updating declaration filed within the applicable period is free of charge for all companies.

Generally, the annual updating declaration must be filed between January 1st and June 15th of every calendar year and pay the applicable annual registration fees.

REQ Québec Takeaways 

So what should you know about REQ Quebec?

Let’s look at a summary of our findings.

REQ Quebec

  • REQ is an acronym used to refer to “Registraire des entreprises du Québec” representing the Quebec business registry
  • Every company or business must register before the Quebec company registry to validly conduct business in the province
  • The objective is to ensure that the Quebec authorities have a comprehensive database of all companies and business entities doing business in the province and that the Quebec residents have the means to verify the legitimacy of companies they engage with
  • Once a company is registered, it must then maintain its REQ Quebec registration by filing its annual declarations and paying its annual registration fees 
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